Ice Fishing Trip

op 58 had a fun and somewhat productive day on the ice over the weekend (2/13). While not everyone got a fish, it was still a fun and enjoyable time in the outdoors. With the help of many parents and scout leaders bringing and lending their gear we were able to snag two fish from Lawson lake! In total we had 30 people in attendance. The two lucky people of the outing were Mr. Blendell with a largemouth bass and Mr. Janeski with a pickerel. Even despite the lack of fish, everyone had a great time, and the beautiful day helped as well. With blue skies and the sun beating down on us, it was a day to remember, even though it was in the low twenties. We also stayed warm during lunch, eating Mr. DeCandia’s delicious chicken noodle soup and classic grilled cheese, which definitely satisfied everyone. Also a big thanks to Mrs. Sagendorph’s hospitality, helping everyone out in the lodge. Another big thanks to Mr. Naumovitz who helped everyone build tip ups at the meeting prior as well as all the extra resources he provided. Great trip everyone! Let’s plan on doing another next year!