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Pineapple Upside Down Cake


For one 10-12 inch Pineapple Upside Down Cake, you will need:

·       1 stick (1/2 cup) butter

·       2 cups of brown sugar

·       1 large can pineapple rings (reserve juice)

·       1 Yellow Cake Mix

·       Eggs (probably 3, or as many as your cake calls for)

·       Vegetable Oil (as cake mix requires. I usually use ½ oil, ½ plain or vanilla yogurt)

·       Water


1.    First, double line your Dutch oven with aluminum foil. I use the extra-sturdy, extra-wide variety.

2.    Melt the stick of butter in the bottom of the Dutch oven, either by sitting it over coals or on top of a camp stove. When the butter is completely melted, throw in the brown sugar and stir until it is beginning to melt. It should be thick, but not clumpy.

3.    Set the pineapple rings in the bottom of the Dutch oven on top of the brown sugar mixture, reserving pineapple juice. If you are using a 10-inch Dutch oven, you will have one extra ring of pineapple. Give this to your favorite child.

4.     Make cake following the directions on the box, using the reserve pineapple juice and adding just enough water to achieve the required amount of liquid. I always just use the pineapple can to measure the liquid – it makes one less dish to wash.

5.     Carefully pour the cake batter over the pineapple and brown sugar mix.

6.     Put the lid on the Dutch oven. On calm, moderately warm day with no wind, you will need about 12-13 briquettes on top and 10 on the bottom for a 10-inch Dutch oven.

7.    And yes, I said briquettes. I have cooked many times with coals from my fire, but briquettes allow you to very specifically set the temperature inside your oven, thus insuring perfect results.

8.    Bake the cake for about 30 minutes. Don’t lift the lid to check it for at least the first 20 minutes or you will just let all the heat out. I usually check it the first time when I can smell the cake baking. The cake is done when it is bouncy to the touch. When the c

9.    OK, this is the tricky, magical part. (And do not waitake is done, remove it from the coals and remove the lid.

Time for the Magic!

1.    Then you need another big flat thing to put on top. For this, I usually cover my camp cutting mat with foil, because this is ultimately what you cake will be served from.

2.    Now, gather all the kiddos around, because this is usually pretty impressive. Peel back the edges of the foil from the cake sides but leave the bottom alone. Set the second big flat thing gently on top of the cake. Put one hand underneath and one hand on top. Say “1-2-3” and flip the cake in one smooth, fluid motion. Flourish is optional.