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Equipment Guide

Three Season Backpacking Check List -NOT intended for Deep Freeze or Winter Tent Camping
Remember: "Cotton Kills"
The following check list is only a guide. More or less items and some not even mentioned may be required by the trip. Use this checklist as a starting point and modify it according to your level of experience and trip specifics.

To wear to camp or on hike:
__ Shirt (synthetic preferred)
__ Underwear (synthetic preferred)
__ Shorts (synthetic preferred)
__ Whistle on a string (around neck)
__ Hiking shoes or boots. They should provide ankle support, have a sturdy sole 
        (relative to your load and terrain), and be waterproof.
__ Socks – not cotton; Wool, synthetics, or a blend is best.
__ Liner socks (optional)
__ Watch

Insulation (not made of cotton). Anything made of wool, down, pile, polypropylene, etc.
__ Warm hat
__ Warm gloves
__ Warm jacket
__ Thermal underwear top
__ Thermal underwear bottom (mid weight synthetic fabric)
__ Rainwear jacket
__ Rainwear pants

Clothing (depending on length of trip)
__ Extra Underwear (synthetic)
__ Extra T-shirt (synthetic)
__ Extra Shorts (synthetic)
__ Extra socks - not cotton
__ Extra liner socks

Optional Clothing: (depending on season, location, and activity)
__ Lightweight pants
__ Warm vest or sweater
__ Camp Shoes: e.g.: Tevas, sandals (not open toed), lightweight sneakers, etc.

__ Toothbrush
__ Toothpaste - The sample sizes of toothpaste are compact and lightweight.
__ Medications (if necessary. Make sure they are in the original container with your name and directions                    
                            for use. Then store in a waterproof container. Give to adult leader at check-in.)
__ Personal hygiene items
__ Foot powder
__ Biodegradable soap
__ Hand Sanitizer
__ Lip balm
__ Sunscreen (30+ SPF)
__ Cloth or Sponge (for cleaning your body)

Additional Equipment:
__ Sun visor or baseball cap
__ Lightweight mug
__ Bowl
__ Spoon, knife and fork
__ Water bottles (enough to hold two quarts of liquid = 64 ounces)
__ Headlamp - flashlight
__ Pocketknife or leatherman type tool, if qualified.

Large items:
__ Back pack
__ Pack cover (or line your back pack with a large plastic garbage bag)
__ Sleeping bag (packed inside a waterproof plastic bag or stuff sack)
__ Sleeping pad

Personal Items:
__ Reading glasses in hard case (if needed)
__ Sun glasses in hard case with retaining strap
__ Personal FIRST AID KIT
__ Extra flashlight batteries
__ Extra flashlight bulb
__ Sewing kit
__ Compass with mirror
__ Scout Guidebook

OPTIONAL (to be decided upon)
__ Camp chair
__ Pen and paper
__ Camera
__ Film
__ Bandanna (a multitude of uses from first aid to a sweat band)
__ Insect repellent
__ Mosquito head net
__ Extra large plastic bag
__ Duct Tape - rope - cord