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General Permission - Release Form

Boy Scouts of America – Troop 58

Permission Slip, Waiver of Liability & Information Form


Knowing that Scouting activities inherently involve some degree of risk to personal safety, but having full confidence that every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of my son(s),

__________________________,________________________, ____________________________,  

I hereby give permission for him (them) to attend the following Scouting event:


From (insert dates):  ________________________________to:__________________________________

at (insert location):______________________________________________________________________

and to allow him (them) to participate in all scouting-related activities, including but not limited to hiking, camping, skiing, boating/canoeing, swimming, climbing etc.

I hereby wave all claims against the leaders of this trip and their families, and give permission for them, in their discretion, to provide first aid and emergency treatment; and to seek emergency medical, dental or surgical care as they deem necessary for my son(s). In addition to having supplied an accurate and up-to-date medical form (on file with Troop 58), I have indicated below any additional concerns (medical or other) that may apply to my son during this trip:


____________________________________________     ___________________

(Parent Signature)                                                                   (Date)


Parents Name(s), Emergency phone number(s)


(1)__________________________________________; (2)_________________________________________


Home Phone, if different________________________ Cell Phone ______________________

E-mail ____________________________________________


Other required information


Residence Address: _____________________________________________________________________


Scouts Age:______, Scouts Rank:______________  Faith/ Religion:______________________________


Allergies, or restrictions/limitations:________________________________________________________

Are medications being sent Y/N ____ ( see instructions in the packing list )

I will drive ____# of people to this event; ____# of people Home from this event

Car Brand/Model/ Year______________________ How Many Seat Belts ______________

Liability coverage for each person, $___________

Liability coverage for each accident, $ ____________ Property Damage $__________