Troop 58 Eagle Scouts and their projects – 1996 to 2023

In progress

Tyler Sagendorph – 2023

Tyler’s service project benefited the “Town of Bethlehem Working Group on Equity and Justice." Tyler led a team in building seven Story boxes that he designed. Once completed, these boxes were installed in highly visible places around the Town of Bethlehem, including four local parks, Bethlehem Town Hall and the Albany County Rail Trail. These boxes are used by the Group to share the stories of people from all walks of our community, highlighting the diversity of the residents of our town - “We Are Bethlehem.” Tyler collected several thousand redeemable cans and bottles to fundraise for the cost of the materials to build these boxes.

Colby Naumovitz – 2023

Colby constructed four flag disposal boxes for the Blanchard-Currey American Legion Post of Delmar. The American Legion is a patriotic veterans organization that advocates patriotism and honor. One of the activities it does is conduct an annual flag burning of retired or worn out American flags. Having multiple places to place retired flags makes it easier for our community to dispose of them properly. Colby replaced the old flag disposal receptacles in the Bethlehem Public Library and at the Bethlehem Town Hall. The old boxes were worn down and being used as garbage cans. He installed two additional boxes at Robinson’s Hardware store on Delaware Avenue and at Curtis Lumber on Grove Street. Colby was able to get discounted lumber from Curtis Lumber and help from Troop 58 for the construction part of the project. He was also able to get the vinyl decals for the front of the boxes donated from All Signs and Graphics, Inc. in Albany, NY.

Adam Kohn – 2022

Adam’s service project was the construction of bog boards at the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy’s Swift Preserve. The two existing bog boards on the trail were inadequate in length and were submerged in water and mud during the spring, leaving the trail unprotected and requiring visitors to step in deep mud. Adam fund-raised from friends and family, obtaining wood, hardware, and other supplies (primarily pizza) on budget. Adam’s crew of scouts and adults from Troop 58, as well as scouts and former scouts from Troops 71 and 75, created seven new sections of bog boards, spanning the entirety of the low-lying area that was prone to flooding, as well as several tree roots that had been damaged by visitors. The bog boards were constructed using logs cut from two trees that had fallen on preserve grounds as the sleepers under the boards themselves. The scouts relocated the existing bog boards to another section of the Preserve where they were better suited.   

Vincent Blendell – 2022

Vinny created shelves, that helped with storage and organization, for the South End Children's Cafe which is an organization that provides food security and school help to inner city kids.

Zachary Shekhter – 2022

Zachary led scouts and adults through landscaping 3 flower beds, removal of a tree and bushes, installing a paving stone platform at the base of the school flagpole, and built two wooden benches for Brown School in Schenectady, NY.

Grady Nautel – 2022

Grady’s project was done for the non-profit group RISSE - Refugee and Immigrant Support Services of Emmaus. When a refugee comes to the area, they are connected with RISSE to be provided the knowledge they need to get a job, learn English and start a successful life here.  RISSE holds classes everyday which teach literacy, verbal language skills and life skills to help immigrants build better lives. They hold classes all year round for both kids and adults including an all-day summer program for kids. Grady designed and constructed 6 lightweight, moveable benches for their outside playground area which they use for outdoor classes and activities. Grady obtained lumber and supplies from Curtis Lumber in Delmar and then with the help of Troop 58 scouts and families constructed and stained the benches at 4 workdays. The benches give kids and adults a place to sit during outdoor classes and activities. They can also be moved and arranged to suit the all the needs at RISSE.

James Janeski -2022

James performed his service project for the Boys and Girls Club of Troy.  It was an improvement project focused on cleaning up the playground area and building a bench that was placed on the playground

Caleb Gambelunghe – 2021

Caleb’s service project took place at Kings Chapel Church and involved demolition and landscaping.  Demolition of a large garden with metal fencing and property improvements including planting, landscaping, mulching, rock bedding, and rebuild of a rock wall. 

Eric Nicholas Herzog

Colin Daniel King

 (2021) Colin completed his work for the Town of Bethlehem at the new Normanskill Ravines Town Park. Colin fully fundraised and built a roofed trailhead structure for the town where a map of the newly opened park was to be placed. He built it with the diligent help of numerous fellow scouts and scouters from Troop 58, as well as his parents over the course of two workdays and multiple days of outside work. His project benefitted the Town of Bethlehem, who were in need of signage for the new park, and all town patrons who would be using the park for recreation. Colin obtained wood from Lowe’s in Glenmont, and all materials at cost from Curtis Lumber. Through this project, Colin learned how to better lead a group of people on a specific task, and how to plan and manage these tasks more efficiently.

William Wilson Storrs

 (11/2019)  Built two 1/8th scale models of an Adirondack lean-to and boxes to transport them in for NYS Dept. Of Environmental Conservation Outreach program.

Henry Chapman Bievenue

(1/2019) Built and installed ten movable benches for The Friends of Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, to be used at their various events and lessons at the preserve.   

Jack Koo Bievenue 

(1/2019) Built 10 new birdhouses for the Five Rivers Bluebird Program. Rotated older birdhouses to shield the opening from weather, and trimmed brush that was within a 10-foot radius, to the increase in the population of bluebirds in New York State.

Andrew Robert DeCandia

 (4/2018) For the non-profit organization Grassroot Givers, we built 6 Little Free Library book exchange boxes that people can take and/or leave a book.  We also conducted a book drive which collected over 1200 children’s books, and received over $300 in donations.

Sean Robert Leslie

 (4/2018) Painted sign posts, installed new signs, dry wells with improved drainage and extensive landscaping around the Delmar Methodist Church, Thrift Shop and garage.

Michael Holt Connolly 

(2/2018) Photographed all 2,500 gravestones at the Bethlehem Cemetery in Delmar which date back to 1865; uploaded them to, a searchable online database. 

Jeffrey Michael Hansen

 (2/2018) Built benches, an updated stage and backdrop for summer camp use at the Bethlehem YMCA.

Jeffrey Michael Hansen

 (2/2018) Built benches, an updated stage and backdrop for summer camp use at the Bethlehem YMCA.

Devin Christian Bidstrup 

(11/2017) Built an informational kiosk and a bench on the Lake Trail the Moh-He-Con-Nuck Preserve in Selkirk NY for the Town of Bethlehem.  

Connor Michael Roddy

 (11/2017) Built nesting boxes for birds and ducks and created fact sheets about them for the trail kiosk at the Restifo Preserve in Westerlo for MHLC.

Joseph Thomas Fierro 

(2/2017) An extensive grounds and landscaping project at the American Legion Post #1040 in Delmar. 

John Whitman Courtney 

(10/2016) Created a trail to link with others and improve them to more usable by hikers and mountain bikers at the Keleher Preserve in Voorheesville for MHLC.

William Andrew Wilday 

(10/2016) Cleared trails and the pond area for better handicapped accessibility and built podiums for environmental classes at Bethlehem Central High School.

Nicholas Michael Cathers 

(3/2016) Interviewed area veterans, for personal accounts of their military service and preserved on electronic media for the Library of Congress for "The Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center".  Also presented to American Legion Post 1040 and Bethlehem Library.

David Charles Wirth

 (2/2016) Built a bridge for a new nature trail at The Pine Hollow Arboretum, a non-profit nature preserve that has many different kinds of trees and trails in Slingerlands.

Josef Albert DiGiorgio 

(1/2016) Built a wood trail head kiosk to display a topological GPS map with marked trails and information about the center, and restored a hiking trail at the SUNY Cortland Brauer Educational Center in Feura Bush, NY. 

Erik John Bidstrup 

(9/2015) Created a new trail and built a bench at the Keleher Preserve in Voorheesville for Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy.     

Carl Robert Burkhard 

(9/2015) Improved two trails with a bridge and bench at the Moh-He-Con-Nuck Nature Preserve in Selkirk for the Town of Bethlehem Parks and Recreation Dept.

Zachariah Edward Barfield 

(2014) Built, painted and installed birdhouses at Kenwood Assisted living Center on Rockefeller Road in Delmar.

Michael Robert Collier 

(5/2014)  Erected a 35’ flagpole, plaque and landscaping at the Town of Putnam Station boat launch on Lake George to honor American Veterans.  

Marcus Edward Harazin 

(5/2014) Construction of three bridges and a new trail at the Keleher Preserve in Voorheesville for the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy.

Brian John Herzog 

(4/2013) Prepared and presented information sessions on Lyme disease awareness and prevention and distributed pamphlets on the issue at various events.

Joseph James Garry 

(3/2013) Cleanup and landscaping at American Legion to include a terraced garden over an old concrete staircase and planting over 600 low maintenance plants.

Brendan Thomas Behan

 (2/2012) Built a garden shed at Bethlehem Central High School to store and protect the garden tools used by the community garden.

Kenneth C. Wells III 

(12/2010) Improved a trail at the Bethlehem YMCA to be user friendly and increase accessibility by handicapped persons.

Daniel Joseph Haggerty 

(2010) Built new shelving for Saint Thomas Church Choir and reconstructed the old confessionals into efficient storage space.

Cameron Harrison Ebersold

 (8/2010) Rebuilt 2 workout stations and laid gravel paths at Elm Avenue Park Fitness Trail.

Jaron Carlton Price 

(5/2010) Rebuilt and painted the pantry cabinets, painted the dumbwaiter and organized the kitchen storage at the Blanchard American Legion Post in Delmar.

Daniel Ryan Rios 

(2010) Built a bookshelf and created a library of donated  resource books and materials on Autism for Bethlehem Central School District.

Luke Robert Herzog 

(2010) Identification and marking of veterans’ graves in Bethlehem Cemetery to create a map for Blanchard American Legion and the cemetery.

Robert Michael Tateo 

(2/2010) Rebuilt planters, painted benches, trimmed existing trees, leveled ground and added new landscape materials at the Good Samaritan Nursing Home.

Samuel Wilder Smith

 (2009) Built a playhouse, shelving for toys and an entry gate, then painted the nursery at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Jeffrey T. Morton 

(2009) Built shelves, painted and organized two storage closets, built a table and painted the light booth to properly store theatrical equipment at Bethlehem Central Middle School.

Brian Christopher Supple  

(2009) Repaired and cleaned 11 benches then reset their brick patios at “Nature’s Accessible Backyard Trail”, designed for mobility impaired people at Five Rivers in Delmar.  

Nicholas John Youngblood 

(2009) Improvements to the Hamagrael Elementary School’s road side landscape.  Cleaned up area, planted Spruce trees and a perennial bed with flowers and plants.

Joshua R. Steiner

 (2008) Built an archery range for youth at Bethlehem YMCA. 

Eric Michael Goldstein 

(2009) Constructed an 8 ft round fire pit surrounded by a 16 ft round seating wall made with 4.5 tons of stacked stone and 2.5 tons of crushed stone at Camp Givah in Berne. 

Charles R. Krueger 

(2006) Redesigned four pedestrian crossings at Five Rivers in Delmar with fencing and painting crosswalks on Game Farm Rd and the driveway to the visitors parking lot.

Tarik Christopher Silk 

(2006) Children’s books drive to benefit Literacy Volunteers of Rensselaer County.

Jonathan Sebastian Beer 

(2005) Developed and led a series of art classes for blind adults at the Northeast Association for the Blind in Albany.

Christopher Schell 

(2004) Snack food and beverage drive for the after school program at New Day Art in Albany’s South End. 

Mikhail Thomas Silk 

(2004) Holiday toy drive at Troy High School to benefit children in Troy area.

Eric S. Schell

 (2001) Improvement of the Vlomankill Trail at Fiver Rivers Environmental Education Center in Delmar.

Matthew Ryan Wilday 

(2001) Created 50 “care packages” containing basic necessities and food for 5 days, for men completing a drug or alcohol program at Helping Hands Rehabilitation Center.

Peter S. Bird 

(2000) Built wood benches for Good Samaritan Nursing Home.

Kevin H. Nagel

 (2000) Planted pine trees at BCHS along Delaware Avenue and in a courtyard.

Andrew David Clift 

(2000) Planted willow trees along streambanks at the Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, to help mitigate soil erosion and preserve the hiking trails.

Eric James Kerr 

(1998) Outfitted a donated enclosed trailer with medical supplies needed by emergency responders during a mass casualty incident for the Town of Bethlehem Emergency Management Office.

Michael G. Grandy 

(1997) Reclaimed an overgrown family cemetery on Wemple Road near the Thruway.

Andrew J. Mittan

 (1996) Built a wood dock on Goose Pond at 5 Rivers Environmental Center in Delmar.