Pancake Dinner - January 17th at The American Legion Post - 4:30 - 7:30 pm
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Hoffman Carwash Fundraiser
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Congratulations to our SIX! newest Eagle Scouts!!!!

Caleb Gambelunghe, Zach Shekhter, James Janeski, Grady Nautel, Vinny Blendell & Colin King




Twin Rivers Council
Elsmere, New York
Meeting at St Stephen's Episcopal Church
16 Elsmere Ave
Delmar, NY 12054
7:30 P. M. 
 For Membership Information Contact:
Scoutmaster Rob DeCandia
or email info@Troop58.us


        There is perhaps no greater experience for a child than the adventure which Scouting has to offer. When you look at all the activities that you get involved with as a youth, and as parents of a youth, few can claim that they offer such a wide variety of experiences, from the fun of camping out during all four seasons, to the challenges of trekking across an open mountain ridge, to canoeing silently across a peaceful lake, the satisfaction of having helped others in our community and reaching personal goals, to the pride in being part of an organization that helps boys grow and teaches them to make good and sound decisions in life. There are certainly too many experiences to list here, but all of them together make up a recipe for success...a plan to help kids grow into responsible adults, and have a lot of fun along the way.

        It is often said that Scouting is almost nothing without the "outing", and this is true. To really see Scouting in action, look closely at our trips and activities, where kids get the opportunity to live, play, work, and learn with each other. Life-long friendships are built here, as well as valuable skills which will serve them forever. Many adults can attribute the success they enjoy in life to the simple ideals and training they learned as Scouts, and very often are proud to pass those experiences on to their children.

        Scouting is definitely a family-based organization, and really works best when every Scout's parents get involved. Far too often we see families who want their son to be in Scouting, but do not make an effort to learn what our program is all about, or understand that it really takes the efforts of committed parents to make Scouting come alive. If you look back on all the Scouts who have achieved the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout, you'll see a group of parents who have taken the time to be there for their children. So when you are asked to volunteer your time on outings, activities, or as a member of the Troop Committee, remember that the time spent for your child is truly quality time.

        Reaching Scouting's highest rank is a hallmark event in a Scout's life, and one that only two percent of all Scouts ever achieve. Nevertheless, every Scout is capable of setting Eagle as their goal, and working towards that goal. The adventure is in the "working", not in the "achieving". And pride comes from aiming high, doing your best, learning from your mistakes, and helping others along the way. Whatever your personal goals may be in Scouting, or for the rest of your life, I urge you to cheerfully keep them close to your heart, and wish you the best of success.

I am the Spirit of Scouting.


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