Upcoming Events
Pancake Dinner Setup - Jan 16th
Pancake Dinner - Jan 17th

Klondike Derby - Jan 21st

Recurring Events

Troop 58 meets every Wednesday at 7:30 pm (following the Bethlehem Schools calendar)

Troop 58 Committee Meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Monday at 7:30 pm. 
Please check troop the calendar for dates. All adults are welcome to attend. 

Summer Camp Information
Camp Yawgoog
Troop 58 attends Camp Yawgoog in Rockville, RI each July. Join us as we attend the oldest and biggest camp in all of the US.  Camping on the shores of Yawgoog Pond, largest selection of merit badge options, Ultimate Frisbee Competition, Trivia Night, Scavenger Hunt, and the Big Saturday Night show with all 1000 Scouts and Scouters in attendance is just a taste of what's in store.   

Camp Rotary
Troop 58 attends Twin River Council's Camp Rotary in Poestenkill, NY each August. Join us as we embark on a unique camp adventure as it is STEM week offering Merit Badges related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as well as the usual suspects.  Camp with the troop at Thunderbird and let the adventure begin.

NYLT - National Youth Leadership Training
Camp Wakpominee - near Fort Edward, NY
For scouts who are 1st Class by summer, consider attending NYLT this summer. 
This program is held at Camp Wakpominee.  See your Scoutmaster for a recommendation and more details.

**Whichever camp you attend you will need a...

Annual BSA Medical Form**

The BSA Annual Medical Form can be found at - only the form with the date 2019 is acceptable (dated in lower right hand corner). Exams must have been completed within the last 12 months before camp (e.g. a July 2020 physical is OK for July camp, but not August camp).


This form MUST be used and MUST be provided to our Medical Director, Dr. Clark, in triplicate before our final meeting in June. We require three (3) copies in order to meet the demands of the camps for a copy, to retain a copy to be taken on all trips, and to maintain a copy with an emergency contact at home.

Note that these dates CANNOT be changed. The BSA Form, dated 2019, MUST be used. Persons not signing up, paying, and submitting a current BSA medical form by these dates CANNOT attend camp.

Scouts NOT going to Summer Camp –

Scouts not going to summer camp still need an up-to-date BSA Annual Health Form on file with the Troop in order to attend most Scouting events. Therefore, all Scouts MUST provide the troop with an up-to-date BSA Annual Health Form annually. All Scouts should download the form and complete basic information on your computer, save with basic info, and print. Take printed copy to your doctor. Make three (3) copies. Save one copy. Give the original and two (2) copies to Dr. Clark.


Troop 58 All Google Group

Be sure to check Troop58All for more upcoming information!