Code of Conduct

BSA Troop 58

Code of Conduct


Boy Scout Troop 58 is a boy-run, adult-supervised organization aimed at offering the opportunity for character development, citizenship and fitness.  


The following Code of Conduct is established to provide a safe and fun Scouting environment for all Troop 58 Scouts and adult volunteers.   


All Troop 58 Scouts and adult volunteers are expected to exhibit “Scout Spirit” - the daily living of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.


All Troop 58 Scouts and adult volunteers are expected to abide by the rules and guidelines set forth herein and are expected to show self-control and self-discipline at all times.


All adults are expected to lead by example and conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner.


Code of Conduct violations will be handled per the Troop 58 Discipline Policy.


Scouts will always:


Ø  Conduct themselves by following the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

Ø  Exhibit leadership by following rules and asking others to do the same.

Ø  Follow directives from an adult or youth leader.

Ø  Become quiet when the “sign” goes up. 

Ø  Follow these fire rules:

o    Place fires only in designated locations.

o    Scouts may use matches only under adult supervision.

o    No fires of any kind are permitted inside tents, including candles, lit matches, stoves, heaters or lanterns.  Only battery operated lanterns or flashlights are permitted.

o    Scouts will not play in, near, or with the fire.

Ø  Observe lights out as scheduled.  Be courteous of their neighbors.

Ø  Respect other people’s property.

Ø Respect other people’s feelings.

Ø Follow the safety rules and instructions for an activity and not endanger themselves or others.



Scouts will not:


Ø  Swear, or use offensive language or gestures.

Ø  Display unruly, loud, disrespectful or disobedient behavior.

Ø  Carry or use a knife, until he has had the proper training.

Ø  Carry Sheath knives or knives with blades of more than four (4) inches. 

Ø  Borrow or use another individual’s or Troop equipment or property without prior permission.

Ø  Use alcohol or any other controlled substances not prescribed by a physician.

Ø  Use tobacco products of any kind.

Ø  Use Tape/CD/MP3 players, portable TV’s, radios, electronic games, cell phones, etc. on campouts; however, their use is allowed during long travels to and from an event, but only with prior permission from the driver.

Ø  Bring or use firearms, fire crackers, fireworks, ammunition, black powder, sling shots, bows and arrows, paint ball guns or any other weapons.  [Exceptions will be made only for Troop approved archery and rifle ranges..]

Ø  Keep food, candy or soft drinks in tents.

Ø  Allow inappropriate physical roughness amongst fellow Scouts.

Ø  Throw rocks or other objects.

Ø  Threaten or intimidate another Scout by word or action, no hazing, bullying, ridiculing or name-calling.

Ø  Leave an activity and/or designated area without an adult leader’s express permission.

Ø  Venture off alone. The "buddy system" will be used at all.

Ø  Intentionally destroy or damage natural or man-made areas, personal or Troop property.

Ø  Lie. Lying will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Ø  Fight.  Fistfights, hurtful comments, jokes at other people's expense, etc.